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10 Fun Easy Ways to Get your Kids to Look Forward to Ramadan

In less than a month, we will be celebrating the holy month of Ramadan. It is very important for us to instil the joy of celebrating Ramadan to our children at an early age. Here are some guide for you parents to make this Ramadan a fun journey for your kids.

  1. Make a DIY Calendar of Each Day in Ramadan.

Arts and craft time! Start your DIY calendar now and get them ready a day before Ramadan starts. On each day in           the calendar write one good deed your children wants to achieve the next day. At the end of Ramadan, they would have 30 good  deeds. Tell them they could practise this for other months so they train themselves to be a better person.

2. Create a Special Corner at Home for Ramadan Activities

It doesn’t matter how big or small your house is. Create a special corner for Ramadan activities. It could be where            you perform your prayers together, recite Quran or any other Ramadan activities. It would be a memorable                        childhood experience for the kids!

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3Read Tales of Prophets 

We all have read this before. They are inspiring stories packed with meaningful lessons that we could learn. Our              prophets lead a humble life and did so many great things. These are values we need to highlight to our children.

4. Get Them Involved in Charity 

Nothing beats the feeling of ‘actually doing it’. Get them to donate to the needy while shopping at a local bazaar (omg can’t wait for bazaars! Maybe we we list down the ‘go to’ bazaars this Ramadan in another post). Remember, the prophets lead a simple life, but when it came to giving, he would put the king to shame.

5. Rewards 

Man, even we adults work on reward systems. Discuss what they will get if they achieve something. Example, they get to drink cold drink if they manage to puasa full day or if they finish taraweeh, they can sleep a lil late that night (yeay!).

6. Let Them Cook Simple Food for Iftar 

Plan simple meals form them to try out on weekends. It could be a pancake like this little princess trying to pull off!

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7. Train Your Sons to Lead Prayers 

Let’s say you decide to perform your taraweeh at home, get your son(s) to lead prayers with simple short surahs. Get them to switch every 2 rakaat. This builds confidence in them and most importantly train them to be great leaders!

8. Go to The Mosque Together as a Family 

A special activity done together as family in the holy month. Make sure everyone is involved and teach your kids benefits of going to the mosque not only in the holy month but all year round!

9. DIY Eid Cards for Their Class

Aha! Another arts and craft! Well, doing individual cards for everyone can be taxing. Why not do one card for the class wishing them Selamat Hari Raya! Let them be creative and be messy (errrrr)

10. Discuss Ramadan Resolution 

Let them list resolutions they want to achieve this Ramadan. Parents can guide them maybe up to 3 achievable resolutions for them. It could be as simple as memorising simple surah, able to lead prayers, or baking delicious cooking for Eid!

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Have a blessed Ramadan everyone!



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