9 Ways to Ease Your Event Planning

So you’re in office in a meeting for a good half day. Right after meeting, you look at your phone and your family WhatsApp group was talking about your parent’s anniversary party. Scroll, scroll, scroll, and Bammm! Everyone in the group unanimously voted you to lead on their 60th anniversary dinner. Wait what? Me?

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Don’t die yet ok? We need you. Some tips here can ease your event planning and turn you into an event superhero!

  1. Start Early – Set achievable target. Do not agree with dates set that is not logical. You don’t want to do an event for the sake of doing it. You want an event that will remain a magical night and make everyone proud!
  2. Create a check list – There are many tools that can assist you in creating a check list.  Refer to this link for options to help you out. https://www.process.st/checklist-app

  3. Choose Reliable Vendors – You’re not going to bake the cake, blow the balloons, perform at the party, or even cook dinner! You are going to engage reliable vendors for the event. Do some due diligence. Read up their reviews and feedbacks.

  4. Venue Selection – There a many factors to consider such as like, location. Where are you from and where does most of your guests come from? Is it within Klang Valley? If yes do a search Event Venue in Klang Valley. What are the facilities that comes within the rental? What is the capacity of the venue? Or are you willing to offer your home for the party? Yikes!

  5. Be Flexible – Do not be too rigid on how the event should look like or should be especially when you are on a limited budget. If you are on a splurge, by all means. Please just go get what will make you happy! Otherwise, give some leeway for a bit of twitch for your event.

  6. Delegate You Tasks – You can lead. But you need your army to make it happen. Don’t stress out doing everything on your own. Delegate and update on developments.

  7. Know Your Capacity – We have seen many. We tell you MANY. Many event owners often thinks that they are superhuman that can manage everything on their own. Example, they want to not only bake the cakes for the door gifts, but they also want to print, cut the small stickers and tie ribbons on the door gifts. We’re not saying you should not do it, but do take your capacity into consideration. The last thing we want is for you to be a Godzilla on event day!

  8. Avoid Last Minutes Changes – Stick to your plan. Do not be easily influenced. Avoid making you and people around you upset with unnecessary changes. Its all good!

  9. Enjoy The Big Day – Well, this has to be the upmost important thing in any event. Just let go and enjoy the day. You deserve it!

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Happy Planning!



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