Top 7 Vendors That Will Make Your Life Easier – Birthday Party Edition

So its time to plan a birthday bash, and you are freaking on how to plan a party that will leave your guests rave about it for weeks! The last thing you want is to have a party that is awkward with no activities with a sound of ‘krikk krikk krikk’ in the background. Choosing reliable vendors are utmost important too.

Fret not. Here are lists of vendors that could help on your planning and make that party a huge success!

  • Dear Azalea – If you are thinking of a one stop centre of party planning, here is one your best bet. From candy tables, balloons, venue selection, kids activities or even bringing the whole zoo to your venue! Dear Azalea has been around for ages and your party is definitely in good hands.

Price guide (starts from) : Candy table RM1200 / Kids activities – RM290 / Goodie Bags – RM2
Instagram : @dearazalea
Contact : Heidi – 012 – 368 7029

  • Waww Entertainment – Another one stop party planning solution is Waww Entertainment. They offer a  wide   range of services at an  affordable price!

Price guide (starts from) : Candy table – RM550 / Kids Activities – RM300 / Instant Photo Booth – RM900 /Bouncing Castle – RM350
Instagram : @waww.entertainment
Contact : En. Wira – 019-665 9746

  • Hey Classroom – What do you do if you have hired an awesome venue with chalkboard wall all spread out (hihi!) Of course you could draw it your self. But if you can’t draw like the pictures below, do yourself a favour and call his awesome dude to get you sorted 😀 Coolest party in town is yours!

Price guide (starts from) : Black and white – RM200 / Coloured – RM250
Instagram : @heyclassroom
Contact : Noa – 019 – 223 5660

  • Wall Lawa – So the venue you rent does not have a chalk wall, but you still want to have a great backdrop for the cake cutting ceremony. What do you do? Well, introducing the superb backdrop, complete with light fixture! Barulah lawa! 😀

Price guide (starts from) : Wooden panel – RM500 / Velvet Drape – RM250
Instagram : @wall.lawa
Contact : Wan – 012 – 343 0732

  • Coffee Jeans and Co – Cakes. Possibly the second most important thing in any birthday party. Their cakes will make you drool. Gorgeous reasonably priced cakes is what you need! Check their cream horns and pies that could add that buzz for your event! They have a studio if you are interested in hosting cake classes or even attending one. Follow them for updates.

Price guide (starts from) : Normal cake – RM130 / Design Cake – RM250
Instagram : @coffeejeansandco
Contact : Tania – 019 – 367 4210

  • Kek & C0. – Another talented vendor is non other than Kek & Co by the famous Kek Girls! Their work needs no introduction. We suggest for you to urgently head on to their website for further drooling.

Price guide (starts from) : RM300
Instagram : @kekandco
Contact : Kek Girls –  /

  • Naz Event Works – Last but not least. Your AV needs. Please be reminded that most halls provides basic PA System that are not able to cater to your Mariah Carey karaoke sessions or loud music as tho you are in a club. Chances are, you’re not in a club 😛 . Hire proper AV provider and here is one that you can count on. Do check on the system that is available at your venue to avoid disappointments.

Price guide (starts from) : RM800
Instagram : @nazeventworks
Contact : Zuhdi – 019 – 387 4387

Hope this helps you in a way. Happy planning!



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