Malaysia Day – From Our Standpoint

Our fellow Malaysians, Happy Malaysia Day

On the auspicious day of 16th September, let us reminisce on the eventful day way back in 1963. The states in Tanah Melayu, Singapore included, plus Sabah & Sarawak became one in the name of Malaysia. There are details on what transpired and what were agreed upon that you can read in

59 years had passed. Singapore had in August 1965 decided to leave Malaysia to be on its own.

We, as a nation, have gone through many ups and downs, tests of tolerance and patience in building the nation together. Despite being marred by the ugly May 13th incident, we survived and continued to coexist together in peace and harmony despite of our differences in look, in the language we talk, in religion.

Despite the lately tendency of some people in finding every reason to disintegrate, we must quickly think and question ourselves. Is it worth it? The school of life will keep teaching until we truly learn.

Strive to look for similarities, avoid questioning what already had been
agreed upon from day one. Learn to respect one another. We do read and come across heartwarming true stories of interracial friendship and relationship. We have them among families and friends.

We must always build bridges, not walls. If we keep emphasising on the differences, the gap becomes bigger. So, let’s sprinkle more love to close the gap. Leaders, of both sides of the divide, please lead us by example.



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