Why We Named Our Business RUANG – Merdeka Edition

Hello August!

As Malaysians, August has always been a special month for us. It is a month that marks our independence from being colonised. Marked the end our leaders’ quest for independence for our beloved country. 31st of August. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

So, when we had the chance to venture into a business, the name RUANG for our event space, came into our mind almost immediately. Not only it represents the business well, it sounds catchy. But that did not mean that we did not toy around the idea of having a ‘fancier’ name or a more international one, at that.

We just felt that RUANG was the right name. So, what does naming our business has anything to do with merdeka and patriotism? Well, it has everything to do with it.

We don’t want to be caught up with ‘ Bahasa tak best lah’ or you’re not cool if you use Bahasa. English name ‘barulah trendy or in ‘ kind of thing. We are proud of our national language. We want to prove that even with using Bahasa, we can go far. It is possible to be successful and to be remembered.


We are not at all denying the importance of English language. Though we decided to have our brand in Bahasa but our social media and general communication is done in English too.

So everyone out there, especially the younger generation, be proud of who you are. Its ok to be YOU. It is ok to name your premises/venue in Bahasa Tamil or Bahasa Mandarin. We don’t have to be someone else. We must be proud to be Malaysians of diversed background. Most of all, we must be proud of our country and its national language.

Never forget the sacrifice of our forefathers in ensuring the independence of our country. We should stand united for the best of our country despite our diversed background. Don’t just unite in stadiums when our contigents play against other countries, unite in every aspect there is.

Selamat menyambut bulan & hari kemerdekaan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia dari kami di RUANG Event Space & RUANG Makan.


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